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    Based on a salesman's recommendation, I've bought this guitar. Having no experience in music, I wasn't sure if I made the right choice. To my ears, it sounds good, but then again, I haven't heard many guitars except when strumming around at the Guitar Center and such. The main thing is, if I start to progress, how long should I be able to keep this guitar before replacing it with another, more expensive model? I'm not planning on doing anything serious any time soon, so maybe I can save some money for a long while. I guess I shouldn't be thinking about this, should I? Ah, I'm clueless, but two hundred dollars seems awfully cheap for a guitar, so I'm not sure what to expect quality-wise.

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    don't worry about it, Jack. A guitar can last a lifetime, and more. If you decide you want another (additional) guitar or a different kind of guitar, you will know when.
    It might be the result of a particular style you decide you wish to play, or perhaps you may just get swept off your feet by something you see or hear out there.
    With just a bit of simple care, you won't wear this one out.


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      How long you keep it depends on you. You could conceivably keep it a lifetime. Or, as you progress, you may become bored with the same sound and just want something different. At this point it's hard for you because you don't really have the experience to be able to judge the finer points of good tone, or the playing ability to make use of it. You've got a good guitar to start with, and it has the ability to grow with you.

      The A & L Wild Cherry is an all laminated guitar, which is one reason why it's inexpensive, but it sounds pretty good for the money. I like that Wild Cherry tone. It's kind of woody and punchy. Good luck on your guitar playing. Are you going to take lessons?