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Vintage Yamaha FG-410 six string


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  • Vintage Yamaha FG-410 six string

    For the connoisseur of fine plywood, I am offering up for sale a vintage Yamaha FG-410 (made in Taiwan) that's in pretty good condition given its age. My wife bought this as her first guitar in college (back in 1985) and it has seen some playing. There are some scratches on the pickguard, a few dings on the headstock, a few tiny dings on the front and back, and a very slight crack in the finish on the back where the neck joins the body (which seems typical for guitars this old). The only cosmetic flaw is on the back of the headstock at the top where years ago some idiot wrote his initials in permanent marker (okay, I confess: it was me). It still plays very well and rings like only a Yamaha FG-410 can, and I think letting it sit around for 25 years and moving it from the East Coast to the West Coast and back again has only improved its sound. A little polish and elbow grease would probably make her look brand new. It comes with its original softshell case which is in fairly good condition (the latches are tarnished but it still closes and protects the guitar). Please e-mail me for photos at dubbs37@hotmail.com. I'm asking $100 (shipping included via USPS) for this bit of Taiwanese-American Americana.