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late late 90's RI Guild F65ce...beautiful emerald green


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  • late late 90's RI Guild F65ce...beautiful emerald green

    hey guys...i'm looking to sell my late 90's emerald green RI Guild F65ce. here's some (well, a lot) of info.

    HISTORY: i bought the guitar in the fall of 2002 from the original owner. When i purchased it, i immediately noticed some cosmetic issues with the guitar that i was aware of: the checked finish, a few chips (nothing too serious), a few nicks. But the stability of the guitar was still great...these were merely cosmetic issues.

    The guitar was still in great shape, despite whatever the original owner had let happen to it. It still sounded great and the electronics were 100% and sounded just as great as everyone had always said these things sound plugged in and not plugged in. However, it just didnt seem to play as well as it should have and as well as other guitars that compare to it. so...I took the guitar into a great luthier in town a little over a year ago and it turns out there was an issue with the bridge...so about 350 bucks later...a new bridge had been installed and they had done a complete underworking beneath the bridge.

    When i went back to pick the guitar up, a few guys were just sitting around playing it talking about how great it played. the difference was night and day...now it sounds and plays exactly how i expected it to...amazing. the action is fantastic and can be adjusted pretty easily depending on the gauge strings you use.

    CONDITION: the only places this guitar has been is in my home or at church. since i've purchased it, i've kept it in a smoke free home and have taken good care of it. as i have said, there are nicks (worste is on the neck at around the 8th fret which goes to the wood, but isnt growing and doesnt effect play) and the finish is checkering...cosmetically, as i said, there are a few issues...but in all honest knowledge, nothing new has come about and none of the issues have gotten worse since i've owned it. i've taken care of it and it have taken it in to be set up a few times since owning it. the pictures show some of the cosmetic issues i spoke about...if you want any more specifics about them, just please ask.

    SOUND: even though there might be a few cosmetic issues with this guitar (which honestly never really bothered me...gives it character right?), the sound has always been amazing on this guitar. and ever since the bridge work and the last set up was done...it plays just as good as anything i've ever played. Surprisingly, even with the shallow body, this thing booms acoustically. rounded lows and sparking highs...this thing sounds great with open chords, barred chords and even capo'd way up. this thing has A LOT of volume for how shallow the body is (which also makes it EXTREMELY comfortable to play...and light). Plugged in is where this thing shines too...it sounds great. comes stock with the original fishman system which is still in perfect working order. i'm actually really sad i've got to sell it.

    the date for this guitar is between 97 and 99 with the seriel number being AF65 0432 and was built by the Guild factory in Westerly, RI (when guilds were GREAT american built guitars). it is a rare and beautiful emerald green. that is one thing that has kept the guitar looking amazing. even despite the cosmetic issues, this color and finish get TONS of comments anytime i play around others or people come over and see it.

    I am looking at $1200. I will ship the guitar anywhere and will only ask actual shipping unless we can work out a pick up/drop off (i'm in central KY). it will be shipped in it's original hardshell guild case which is in great condition, padded, and then reboxed into an actual guitar box. will prefer to ship without strings so that i can give the fretboard a good cleaning before i send it off. feel free to email me with any more questions at brettryantalley@hotmail.com.

    sorry this was so long...but if your going to spend this much on a guitar without playing it...i'd sure want to know a lot about it. thanks.

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    nothing? i didnt even get a bite on ebay....


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      meh, just kinda pricey for a guitar that is'nt a martin or taylor.. unluess it's a 70's model, Guilds don't hold their value very well....


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        two of these just went for 1200 or more on ebay though...i know i might not get as much because of the cosmetic issues...and maybe that it's green...but man...i'm bummed...its a great guitar...i didnt think it'd be this hard to sell...


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          yeah, grenn's kinda weird... but i like it, dont have the $$ though... try to trade it


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            May want to try over on the Guild Forum. The F-65 was as high up the Guild Food Chain as you could go at that time as far as I can remember.

            I personally love this style, only am very poor right now (cash wise) trades always welcome though.


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              do you have the guild forum addres...i'll try things over there.


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                You have to go through a bit to register, but they are crazy about high end Guilds. IF you ever want to trade, let me know


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                  what would you offer graphicpro?


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                    PM Sent


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                      the auction ends tonight...check it out while there's still time!


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                        auction just ended at 615...i'm so frustrated...i paid so much more than that and even had work done on it. i dont know what do do, but i didnt put a reserve on it so i guess i have to let it go for that...but its heartbreaking.