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  • Taylor 420

    I've been looking for pictures of a Taylor 420 Acoustic, if anybody has a picture could you please show me? Thanks.

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    Welcome to the hcag, iamgian.
    Never heard of a 420. What exactly is it?
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      No pics, but here are some reviews from the HC database


      You might also ask at the AGF - that used to be the Taylor forum until Bob pulled the name



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        I am quite familiar with the Taylor line and have never heard of the 420, or any model with 20 in it. The regular jumbo would be a 415, with the jumbo 12-string version in the 455.

        It may be that this is the newer grand symphony line that Taylor is releasing now. It is a body style in between the Jumbo and the GA. Narrow waist, curvaceous bout. Bigger sound, but not the full big body of a jumbo.


        They plan on releasing 20 new models on this body style. Very nice sounding, and playing. Very tempting for me... a larger body-leaning guy.
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          I used to have one in the early 90's. I believe it is a rosewood version of the old 410.


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            According to the reviews, it is limited edition maple dread made in the mid 90's.