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  • $5000 to spend...

    If you somehow ended up with zero guitars and a $5000 budget to buy any number of guitars, what would you get?

    Mine would be:
    Taylor GS4e-LTD ($1600)
    Martin D-15S ($1000)
    (??? $2400)

    And after that I'm looking for ideas...so what do you have your eyes on hmm???

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    Some sort of super crazy custom-built grande bouche nylon ($4700 w/case, I guess that's what I'd spend?), a beater gut box, a beater tele, and a pack of gum. No bridge pins.


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      and I hope they don't pick you out of the line-up, moctzal.


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        That is many coin tosses. I have spent more money than I should have on scads of 6 and 12 fiddles. Then I turned 180 and spent your $-figure on one and could not be more satisfied. TETO, though, as many are genre/style-focused while others like to wander. I'm fairly focused and the guitar I have, a touch beyond fundamental sound, captures pretty much who I am. So far, it's me-proof.


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          I might take the inverse approach to my current situation. I think I would pick up a Masterbilt AJ500M and spend the other $4500 on lessons. I would probably need electroshock therapy first, though.

          So many guitars...so little talent.

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            I'd die of heart failure if I had $5000 to spend on gits. But dreaming is fun, so here goes:

            Martin D12X1: $600
            Guild F65ce : $750

            I'd spend some of the rest of halfway decent electronic gear to plug the Guild into and some decent mics, etc.
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              McPherson 5.0 Bear Claw Sitka/Granadillo for $5200 & pay the difference

              go w/your list & for the extra $2400 I would add...

              - Larrivee L-10-12 $2399

              - Larrivee OM-10FM $2400

              - Taylor GS 8 $2098 + rest of the $ for classical lesssons
              Alvarez - DY62C
              Fender - F-210
              Guild GAD-5N w/D-TAR
              Guild GAD-50 Nat
              Guild GAD-JF30BLD
              Larrivee OM-03
              Seagull - M12

              Fishman - Neo-D magnetic pickup
              LRBaggs - M1 magnetic pickup

              Godin Exit 22
              Ibanez S570DXQM
              Jackson DKMG Dinky EMG 81 & 85

              DrZ - Maz 18 Jr Combo
              Fishman - Loudbox 100
              Rivera - Clubster 45
              Dunlop - ULTEX 1.14 Picks
              Peterson - iStroboSoftware
              V-Picks - Large Rounded 2.75mm


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                Tuff call. The three guitars I would always want in my quiver would be a good 000 or OM, a nice reso and the right 12 string. It would be hard, but possible to get them for that sum. Starting from nothing that would probably be

                Martin OM-21
                Taylor 355 (I'd look for a used LKSM)
                National style 0

                Another option would be - lots of spruce and rosewood, a new band saw, time in my shop


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                  I would love to try one of these.
                  Even if I had the money I probably wouldn't buy it.
                  But, it sure could be a lot of fun.

                  600W LoudBox Pro
                  and a pack of earplugs to to keep blood from leaking out.


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                    Martin D-15 $800
                    Guild D-55 $2,025.00
                    Seagull S6 $300
                    94-98 Strat Dlx Plus $800 (Aprrox)
                    Mesa Boogie Combo Amp
                    AER Acoustic Amp
                    2008 Guild F-50
                    2015 Martin 00-DB
                    2013 Gibson J45
                    2016 Martin 00-17S


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                      That would empty the kitty and put a grin on FK


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                        I keep reminding myself that my avarice far exceeds my talent. I have yet to get everything there is to get out of the stable of guitars I already have. But playing the game by the rules, I have to say the Martin D-41. Unbelievable tone, simply stunning. That leaves me 1500.00 which is only a little short of what I would need to get the Taylor GS8. Five thousand one hundred dollars worth of guitar and $500.00 worth of talent to play them with.
                        Originally Posted by Samilyn

                        Can't put a price on the love one has for an instrument, the mojo it gains from being played by you or good friends, or the good feelings it produces when you pick it up and it feels like an old friend, no matter what the the numbers on the price tag.

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                          Probably either a Bourgeois or a Collings and a cheeseburger.
                          I thought I had a girl
                          And all because I seen her.
                          I thought I had a girl
                          And all because I seen her.
                          Her hair was golden brown (yes it was)
                          Blowin' free like a cornfield.


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                            5000.00???? go all the way and get a Gibson SJ-300 or if you dont like jumbos get a Dove-in-Flight...about 3500 each


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                              Probably either a Bourgeois or a Collings and a cheeseburger.

                              Or a Goodall.