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Recommend songs with acoustic guitar, female singer


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  • Recommend songs with acoustic guitar, female singer

    I want to jam with a friend of mine (a very talented female singer)...

    We want to do some pop/rock songs, maybe even some soul/hip hop... Im not into this style but she is, so were looking for somethings that both of us would like, from the "mainstream" music. I think we're gonna do Fergie's "Dont cry" for example...

    So what would you recommend?

    BTW this is pretty cool:


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      Thats cool, we thought about doing Amy Winehouse's cover of Valerie, the one thats on the album is much better than the Mark Ronson version IMO


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        Does it have to be mainstream and recent? I just think of some of the best female rock/pop singers and try and think of ones with acoustic guitar work. Melissa Ethridge and Stevie Nicks comes to mind. I know it's cheesy..but, Landslide has always been one of my favorites. Amy Winehouse is a good choice as well.


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          I don't see why you feel the need to limit yourselves to female singers. Women can't sing the same songs as men?


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            Doesnt have to be recent... but it has to be reletively familiar.

            Maybe some Pretenders?? Cranberries?

            Maybe we'll do Cardigans - Carnival


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              Shawn Colvin?
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                I don't see why you feel the need to limit yourselves to female singers. Women can't sing the same songs as men?

                Yeah! I just played a Van Morrison song with my female singer friend yesterday. We played Moondance. Just transposed it up a bit and we were good to go.

                Haha yeah I've had to deal with the R&B/soul types, not being a fan myself... out of the songs I've played with such people that I did like, I'd say go for "more than words", a soul/r&b style ballad from the 80's that's had a revival in popularity lately. Pretty acoustic guitar part. What else... Corrine Bailey Rae's "just like a star" is ok, "no one" by Alicia Keys is catchy though the guitar part repeats a lot... um, hmm well I guess I don't really play with those guys anymore... I really don't like R&B haha too damn syrupy. Best of luck though, and maybe you could convince her to do some jazz standards--in the general vicinity of R&B but not quite as sickly sweet. Autumn Leaves, Misty, All the things you are, Summertime, Georgia on my mind.... all would be great for a female vocalist in the appropriate key.
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                  Thanks guys...

                  Shawn Colvin - cool stuff but we need something that the audience would recognize...

                  Why not use songs by male singers?
                  1) we want to stay pretty close to the originals...
                  2) Female artists just sing differently... more range...
                  Anyways I am open for suggestions...

                  More than words - I love this song but its a little bit overplayed...
                  Ill check the Van Morison stuff. any recommendations?

                  Just thought of another song - Norah Jones - Dont know why...


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                    I don't see why you feel the need to limit yourselves to female singers. Women can't sing the same songs as men?

                    Of course. And men can sing songs by women.

                    I've always thought this kind of question was odd, but I guess I understand it to a certain extent. Though I think I'll start a thread looking for songs that would be good for an acoustic guitarist in Texas with blue eyes and high triglycerides. oke:


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                      Not to mention that guitars can also play the same notes and songs as any other instrument or group of instruments... which means there is no reason a female singer with a guitar couldn't sing a song by a male singer with a piano.

                      Anyway... not sure I'm really helping here, so... I actually had in mind a cool "fem. voc + guitar" cover of Janet Jackson's "Together Again" by the band Swing Strings (singer is Josefine Cronholm). I think the chords are in the CD's booklet, so let me know if you are interested, Mr.Bates.


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                        Aren't acoustic covers of Britney's "Toxic" also classic by now?

                        Here's a random one:

                        Great pop song.


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                          And how about a cover of Alanis Morrisette's cover of the Black Eye Peas' "My Humps"?


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                            I love the Toxic version... heard it before and I thought about adding it to the show.
                            Keep it going...


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                              Anything from Pentangle's catalog.
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