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    So GC is running an annual Green Tag saving event and this Martin dreadnought is on sale for $799, $200 off the regular price. (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Martin-DSR-Solid-Top-Dreadnought-Rosewood-Spruce-Acoustic-Guitar-103117933-i1171362.gc)

    It appears to be a GC exclusive custom model. It took me a while to find out the origin of this model name. I think it is made after the DR of the Road Series. Instead of having laminate rosewood on DR, this model has solid rosewood on back and sides. That might be why it's called DSR. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    After struggling for a while about upgrading my guitar and as a result of frequenting this forum, I've gained enough GAS (first time using this HCAG exclusive term) and got the urge to jump on this deal, although in my previous post I talked about waiting til budget allows me to get a somewhat higher end one. But then I thought it would be fine to buy a mid-low range one first and get a nicer one later (perhaps when I am old, hahahh).

    Anyway, I'll go to the nearby GC to try it out this weekend. But please you guys drop your opinions about this guitar. Stopping a horse at the cliff is also welcome

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    Anyone? Please...I need opinions/advice from you guys. Has anybody owned or played this Martin? Thanks!!!


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      Sorry, can't comment on this particular model. GC (as well as MF and some of the other big houses) have some custom models built for them, and you are right, it kind of looks like a solid b/s DR (but the flyer is contradictory about the back - one place it says "solid sides"). Only one very minor point, these customs don't tend to be as resellable as say a straight D-16, but otherwise might be a very nice little git.

      Let us know what you think when you play it (and pics if you buy it)


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        Sorry to say I've never played one of those models either.

        What Freeman mentions about the resale value is very interesting. But if resale is not necessarily a criteria for you, then it looks like a pretty good deal on an all-solid Martin. By all means, do try it out and let us know what you think.

        Like Freeman, I noted the slight contradiction in the description, but I tend to attribute that to an oversight by whoever wrote it for the website.

        I'm a huge fan of Martin dreads - they're my all-time favorite - and if there were a GC anywhere near where I live, I'd certainly go try one.
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          I agree w/Freeman & Smilyn

          See if you can try one, & maybe even try to compare to a D-15 or 16 series.
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            Thanks, guys!


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              I was checking that out too. That sale seems like a pretty good deal. The DSR is not listed on the Martin website, so it's kind of hard to say definitively just what the construction is. I have a 000-15 that's pretty nice. I originally bought a J-15 while searching for the 000. I ended up selling it when a 000 popped up. It sounds and plays really well, but I still have an itch. I'm not really an acoustic player, 45+ years on electric, but I'm trying to broaden out with both bass and acoustic guitar. Let us know what you think if you find one to play ~
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                While your at Guitar Center, check out a MMV $1299 and a Custom D $999 for comparision.




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                  I have a friend that purchased one of the GC/MF Custom RW/Sitka with satin finish. Here's the specs on it from Martin. Good sounding box and a great value, YMMV.

                  MODEL: Guitar Center (RW) Custom 02
                  SATIN GUITAR CENTER02 Guitar
                  Cust D RW Guitar Center w/cs
                  LABEL: None
                  1 Style; Ply Blocks; Mortise/Tenon Neck Joint
                  BODY SIZE: D-14 Fret
                  TOP: Sitka Spruce
                  TOP BRACES: Sitka/1 Style/Non-Scalloped
                  PATTERN: D1 A-Frame
                  TONE BAR: Sitka Spruce
                  CROSS BRACE: Sitka Spruce
                  BRIDGE PLATE: Maple
                  SIDE BRACE: Sitka Spruce
                  TOP PLATE: None
                  A BRACE: Sitka Spruce
                  #1 BRACE: Sitka Spruce
                  SOUNDHOLE BRACE: None
                  TOP BINDING: 6/32'' White Boltaron
                  TOP INLAY: None
                  TOP PEARL: None
                  ADDITIONAL TOP INLAY: None
                  ROSETTE: Style 28
                  PICKGUARD: I-01 Tortoise, Pattern 1 (D28 Style)
                  BACK: Solid East Indian Rosewood
                  BACK PANELS: 2 Pc.
                  PURFLING: None
                  BACK BRACE #1: Sitka Spruce
                  BACK BRACE #2: Sitka Spruce
                  BACK BRACE #3: Sitka Spruce
                  BACK BRACE #4: Sitka Spruce
                  BACK BINDING: 6/32'' White Boltaron
                  SIDES: Solid East Indian Rosewood
                  RIBBONS: Spanish Cedar
                  SIDE BRACES: East Indian Rosewood
                  ENDPIECE: White Boltaron
                  BLOCK: Strataply
                  TAG/PLATE: Maple
                  REAR: D Strataply
                  FRONT: D 14 Fret Adjustable Strataply
                  Line 1: CFM Logo
                  Line 2: CUSTOM
                  Line 3: Serial #
                  Line 4: Made in USA
                  NECK: 10/4 Select Hardwood (Genuine Mahogany, Sapele, or African Mahogany)
                  NECK SHAPE: Mod Low Oval
                  HEADSTOCK: Solid/6 String No Diamond/Square Taper
                  TRUSS ROD: 2-Way Adjustable 356mm
                  HEELCAP: White Boltaron
                  NUT: White Corian
                  ON ANGLE/FLAT: Flat
                  HEADPLATE: Solid East Indian Rosewood
                  HEADPLATE DECAL: Raised Gold Foil
                  TUNING MACHINES: Ping Chrome- 18:1 Ratio w/ Small Knobs (Drill Y Step)
                  FINGERBOARD: Solid East Indian Rosewood
                  RADIUS: 16''
                  ACTUAL SCALE LENGTH: 25.340'' (25.4'')
                  COMPENSATED SCALE LENGTH: 25.440''
                  WIDTH AT NUT: 1 11/16''
                  WIDTH AT 12 FRET: 2 1/8''
                  LENGTH: 17.984''
                  FRET WIRE: G300
                  FRET SLOT: .023'' (Pocketed)
                  FRETS CLEAR: 14
                  TOTAL FRETS: 20
                  PEARL INLAY: Style 28
                  SIDE DOTS: White Boltaron
                  SIDE DOT POSITION: One at 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, Two at 12th, One at 15th & 17th Frets
                  FINISH TYPE: Satin Finish
                  FINISH BODY: Catalyzed 5 Sheen Satin/No Stain/ Dark Filler
                  FINISH TOP: Catalyzed 5 Sheen Satin
                  FINISH NECK: Catalyzed 5 Sheen Satin/ Dark Mahogany Stain/ Dark Filler
                  BRIDGE: Solid East Indian Rosewood
                  STYLE: 1 Style Belly
                  STRING SPACING: 2 1/8''
                  SADDLE: 16'' Radius/Compensated/White Tusq
                  STRINGS: MSP 4200 Medium Phosphor Bronze
                  BRIDGE PINS: White w/ Black Dots
                  END PIN: White w/ Black Dot
                  CASE: 345


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                    Hey I own the Martin you wrote about... it is an awesome gutiar... I set out to pay 2000 for a Taylor and I found that this guitar had the same tone for half the cost.. I do miss having the cutaway and of course there are no electronics.. But I use a L.R. Baggs M1 active in mine and it is pretty stellar...


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                      is it the same as the MF's D15 Custom? if so i have one and it is a great guitar for the price!!
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