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    I am using 1 of these now,very fine sound,great intonation.I have been looking around to buy another,and came across 1 on ebay,but i don't think it is. It was sold,but here is the item #;Item number: 180276332195.All of the marlboro's i've saw have a black guard.The tag inside the ebay item says Horizon Co.limited editon.Looking on their website it shows only electrics.What do y'all think or know for sure? Thanks

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    Hey. Welcome to the forum.

    I thought at first that that guitar might be one of the Japanese "lawsuit era" guitars made in the seventies, but I guess I was wrong about that. That guitar in the listing doesn't actually carry a Marlboro name on it anywhere does it? I've Googled Marlboro guitars, and couldn't come up with anything but some seventies era amplifiers and some HC reviews here:


    They seem to refer to guitars purchased through a Marlboro (cigarettes?) gift catalog within about the last six or seven years. They are likely made in China-- not necessarily a bad thing, just means that they are inexpensive and without any real pedigree. That ebay ad does say that the guitar was refinished. Likely the pick guard was replaced then. Maybe someone else knows more about them.


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      No,the listed guitar doesn't have a name[other than the sticker inside],the 1 i am using or the other 2 i have saw haven't either.Yes it is a Marlboro cigarette giveaway.I hadn't thought about the refinish.Thanks for your input,any others have any knowledge of these?