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Takamine GS330S vs. Seagull S6


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  • Takamine GS330S vs. Seagull S6

    Please cast your vote. I want you to take everything into consideration. Which is the best bang for the buck? This specific Tak runs for $299, while the Seagull runs for $379-399.
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    I like both of these cedar top guitars very much! Which neck feels better to you? This may really be the deciding factor. I prefer the Seagull's neck.

    Some don't like the Seagull's headstock and tiny tuners (which I think are good quality), but the design has grown on me, and now I like it. I find Takamines headstock looks too bulky for the neck (and I think the tuners are cheap).

    The finish is similar on both guitars. BTW, you can get the S6 with a gloss top if you want, and this would probably give the soft cedar top a bit more protection from scratches and gouges. Actually, I've never seen the gloss top model in person.

    If you have experience with guitars you may want to consider used. On craigslist, I see an S6 in excellent condition with Seagull case for $250, and a GS330S, also in excellent condition, for $175.
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      I like the Seagull b/t the two. The neck is a great fit for my hands.

      But what really matters is what feels best as well what sounds best to you.
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        never liked the seagull headstock or neck (its too fat for me), but otherwise the seagull rocks!


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          I'd go with the 'Gull...but I'm partial to 'em.

          I own a fabulous S6+Folk, and I can attest to Seagull making a great guitar for any amount of money.
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            I went to get some strings at a local Music store and played a Seagull today. It had a special feel to it. Easy playing, looked good and sounded good.
            I say Seagull
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              I just like Seagulls and don't really like Taks in general.
              However, YMMV.

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                I'm a lefty so I haven't played one of the Taks, but for what its worth I like my seagull.

                Think I'll like my D03R when it gets here a bit more though
                lefty playing lefty.

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