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  • Art & Lutherie AMI parlor guitars

    I'm waiting for my AMI steel-string parlor guitar to arrive this week. Does anyone have experience using them. Most all the reviews were glowing, even though it's a very inexpensive guitar. Any "lowdown" on this guitar is most appreciated.

    P.S. I also have a Gibson WM-45 (same as J-45 just no sunburst or electronics). I am looking for Tusq or bone (?) bridge pins to replace my current plastic ones. Does anyone know how to order the right size? Where should I buy them?

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    I bought my g-kid an AMI,I love playing it when we visit.
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      I have the Seagull Coastline Grand, which is pretty much the same guitar. It's really a lot of fun to play. A great "couch" guitar. Smaller body is good for travel as well.


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        I really like my Ami Cedar. It's one of the best sounding small guitars I have played and the best one [at least for me] in it's price range. It doesn't sound like a big guitar but they are very nice for the price and very comfortable to play. Great action right out of the box, too. I found that Larrivee ebony pins fit great and warmed up the tone slightly.


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          Nice little guitar with surprisingly good tone for such a small body. I don't think you can go wrong there.
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            I have the Simon & Patrick version of that guitar. I ran across it one day and it really surprised me. I found a way to get it although I was not shopping for a guitar like that at all. I'm very happy with it. Although I usually play my dreadnoughts, I am very blessed to have it.

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              I have a black cedar topped Ami hanging on a stand to the right of my recliner as I type. When too lazy to grab another guitar and move to the couch, I snag the Ami and noodle around. Great tone for a tiny guitar and nice action.

              I switched to ebony pins and silk & bronze strings and the thing is warm and rich sounding. I love the little thing--makes a smart, compact travel guitar too.

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                I busked on the street (one summer) and played a few gigs with one that had a factory pickup installed with a pre-amp. I think mine was all laminate and it too was black. Great little guitar with excellent action and very durable. The only thing that crapped out on it was the pickup..it was an under the saddle type. I also had a non-electic blue one for awhile too.
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