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K&K Pure Western Mini (or) iBeam Passive (or) Mic


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  • K&K Pure Western Mini (or) iBeam Passive (or) Mic

    A good friend of mine has been looking for a new guitar to get when he gets his xmas bonus. He co-hosts an open mic with another friend of mine and his current guitar keeps having technical difficulty's. I offered to sell him my Yamaha FGX720SCA for a little less than what I paid for it, and I told him he don't have to pay me for it until he gets his xmas bonus in a couple weeks. He more than gladly accepted my offer and now I am back to one guitar with no pickup.

    Right now I plan to mic the guitar at the open mic's, but am also considering a passive pickup. I have installed the K&K PWM in a couple of guitars and think it sounds good, but I have never tryed the iBeam passive pickup.

    I would like to hear everyones opinion on these pickups... or... do you think I should just mic the guitar. I have an Audix OM2 dynamic mic that seems to work quite nicely through my PA at home but have not tryed it yet at the open mic. I also have a condensor mic which I did use at the open mic but it seemed too prone to feed back and was driving the sound guy a little nuts in trying to get my guitar loud enough without feedback.

    Any opinions and/or experience would be appreciated, and this is for live not recording. Also, it's not a full band situation. It's an acoustic type of situation with 1 or 2 acoustic guitars, a couple mics, and maybe some conga drums (that are mic'ed).

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    I do not own an I-beam or a PWM. But I have read a lot about both and I think the PWM gets better reviews than the I-beam. Some say the I-beam can be muddy, others say it's great. Getting the location on the I-beam correct seems to be critical. And no so critical for the PWM.

    After all my reading, it boils down to this for me...I plan to get a PWM for one of mine soon.
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      I have both in different guitars. I like the Ibeam better
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        Thanks for the replies so far.

        I just ordered the K&K PWM. I don't want to take the chance with th iBeam when I know the K&K sound good already.


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          I really like my K&K Pure Western. It's wonderful for recording and when it goes through a mixer, it's outstanding.
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            Guess it's too late to really comment now, but I would've put in a vote for the iBeam. I've heard nothing but good things about them and I've got a friend that uses one and it sounds good. I wouldnt've gone for a mic, just because it limits how much you can move around on stage...feedback's always an issue too.
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