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Ever heard of a "TAKA" acoustic?

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  • Ever heard of a "TAKA" acoustic?

    I bought this Japanese D-35 copy and wonder if anyone here has ever heard of this model. It's not a Takimine, but TAKA. Abalone top trim, 3 pc back,etc...I'm looking for any history of this maker so if you have any info I'd appreciate hearing from you.

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    Yes, I have actually seen one, a TAKA guitar, in a pawn shop. I did not pick it up, but it's likely an Asian, PacRim knock off and could well be spotty in quality, from really good to absolute trash. Value is probably subject to it's worth to you in a one on one basis but probably no more of a collector value than, say, a Ventura.
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      well I`m not gonna pass judgement before playing one, been surprised too often by old MIJ guitars. First I`ve heard of Taka so can`t say.
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        It has a suprisingly good tone for a laminated braz rosewood,solid spruce copy.I'd say it's about 35-40 years old.Sure would like to find some more out about it though.As far as worth, who cares? It's all about tone, and this one has it in spades.


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          well at that time there were literally dozens of brand name guitars made in Japan, probably not that many factories but it seems the factories that were in operation were very busy. Theres a good chance you may never find out more, but if by a stroke of luck somebody else has one you might. Old MIJs are not always easy to research.
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