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1st guitar looking for info.


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  • 1st guitar looking for info.

    I'm looking at taking lessons and picked up a guitar from a local thrift shop. Its a fannin guitar the numbers on the inside that I can see read 11818 then
    c100 and RB79 it is in good shape no scratches or cracks of any kind and came with a case I paid 20$ for it. can anyone tell me what the #'s stand for and tell me if this is a good beginner guitar.

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    here's some info on Fannin guitars :

    Fannin guitars were made by a small Japanese Firm in the 70's to mid 80's (mind is dated 1979 according to the stamp on the heel block, they didn't use a paper label to my knowledge). Unlike the other post listed here, they had no association with "Fender," as far as I know, but were imported & distributed by a company called "Nu Look Fashions," out of Columbus Ohio in the early 1980's. A quote from Bob Ward at Sound Associates Music Ltd Lawrenceville GA. who seems to have intimate knowledge about Fannin Guitar's history!

    "In the seventies and eighties. During one of the buying trips overseas Larry Fannin, president of Nu Look, discovered a small guitar factory turning out very high quality instruments that competed quite well with the Yamaha, Aria, Epiphone, Sigma and Fender guitars imported into America at the time. Mr. Fannin , a talented guitar player himself, recommended several notable improvements to the initial acoustic designs the small factory had, added a number of new models, and then scheduled guitars for delivery and warehoused them in Columbus Ohio. Unfortunately Nu Look did not have enough sales staff on the road to call on and promote quality musical instruments directly to music stores, so the distribution was limited to a very few retailers that were called by the telephone sales staff in Columbus. With not enough telephone sales generated by the clothing sales staff and no national advertising campaign, the Fannin guitar line was discontinued within five years of the introduction. Numbers of specific model production are unknown. The Fannin Guitars are still considered to be one of the better import guitars of the late seventies and early eighties."

    there are some reviewed here :


    and they seem to be pretty good. Can't help you with the serial numbers tho
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