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Takamine G series TK-40

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  • Takamine G series TK-40

    Hello,any suggestions on the best strings to use on this guitar for the best sound? at the moment I'm using D'Addario EXP 80/20 Bronze Strings,Custom Light.I fingerpick more then strum,they sound good enough for me but maybe their are better strings for this guitar.Also what is the best to use to clean the fretboard? Thanks in advance for any answers and/or other information.

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    TK-40 only gives us the model of the preamp. What guitar are you playing? The simplest thing is to experiment. Since you're already using 80/20s, try phosphor bronze. Or perhaps a heavier gauge like regular lights for more volume and fuller sound.
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      Its the EG530SSC model, G series.Thanks for the reply.


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        I would try the Dean Markley - Alchemy GoldBronze
        These are very full musical strings and really bring out the harmonic overtones. I have these on a Dean-Exotica which has a solid maple top(known for being overly bright). I really needed to bring up the bass and get some support under me. I am using the Mediums and it's a huge difference. With the Tak G series I would go with the Light or CL gauge, it should bring some real life to it. Plus the gold looks very rich.

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          Thank you, I will take that in to consideration.