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Fender CD-140S or Yamaha FG700S?


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    Hey, thanks nevertheless Bitey for taking the time to offer such detailed feedback.


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      Originally posted by Bitey View Post
      ...... impossible to fix. The neck needed resetting......
      Are you saying that this was a new guitar and needed a neck reset? Or an older guitar and needed a neck reset? Or that it was "impossible" to do a neck reset?


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        I have yet to pay a decent fender acoustic -have heard they make a upper end model or two -but have yet to play one -
        so my answer goes to Yamaha - Thou Id buy up the ladder a bit -I still have my 1971 yammie 12 string -still sounds good ,
        unfortunately its worth practicaly nothing -if it was me Id look at the new Guilds Cordoba is making ( thou a tad more in price )
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          My vote also goes to the Yamaha. Although I've never played that particular model, I still regularly play my 1978 FG-365S and, as Terry Allan Hall mentions, it still sounds excellent and plays well. My experience with Fender acoustics has been with friends' guitars, and my overall impression has been that their sound tends to be "thinner", for lack of a better word, and playability rather variable.


          EDIT: Apologies .... just noticed that this thread was OPed in 2009 ...
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            Your vote is appreciated but the OP asked the question 8 years ago so the subject is mainly moot unless someone else has the exact same question, which is unlikely.