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    My sister managed to get a Conn guitar for free. I no very little about guitars and just started learning today (my G7 and C chords). What do you know about these guitars? How can I tell what model it is?
    Is this decent guitar?

    When I took it out of the case it looked brand new. The previous owner bought it new and played it twice. What a deal!

    Can you guys tell me the model if I post a picture?
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    Not too many people would be familiar with Conn guitars since this company was known as a supplier of student grade band instruments, things like trumpets and trombones. Your sister's Conn guitar is most likely a student grade instrument which was used in a school music program. Hey, it was free, so the price is right. By student grade I mean that it was an inexpensive guitar, and it was probably made by another company, for Conn. As longs as it's in playable condition it would be fine for learning. If the action (i.e. string height) is very high however it would be a discouragement. If you know someone who knows how to play ask them to change the strings and give you an opinion.


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      Yep. I was gonna say they make some great trombones. I have no idea about their guitars.
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        70s Conn guitars could be pretty nice in a midgrade MIJ kind of way.I'm assuming that would be what she has since I haven't heard much about Conn guitars for some time.Pix?
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          Thats actually what I figured bbut hey it's a free guitar. And a pretty one at that.
          I thought conn was a kinda weird guitar brand see I have conn trumpet too. It says made in japan on the inside.

          Well thanks for the help anyways.
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            Had a Conn in the mid-70s...if you'll post a pic, I can probably give you an idea of the model and year.
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              I bought a Conn acoustic back in 1983 or 84,but it was a great little guitar. It held up great for me,I wanted a Martin,but I made a litle more then minimum wage back then. It was a full size guitar and it held medium gauage strings on there. It fell over once,busted the neck in half,had it fixed by a luither,it played even better. The tuners were crap,and was worthless. I wish I knew then what I know now,Iwould've put top notch tuners and a bone saddle. It was a great guitar for $160.00. I wish I still had it for sentimental reasons,it was loud too.

              Enjoy,and take good care of it.
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                Wow... I kinda forgot I had posted this up here...
                Thanks for the replys. I looked this up again online because I decided to restring the guitar after it sat for a while (bought an Ovation). It' s a very pretty sounding guitar but I have no clue what the model number is. Here are some pictures:

                Thanks for all the help!
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                  Conn came out with a line of guitars back in the early 1970's. They were made by Aria and were fairly popular at the time. The music store in my hometown carried two different Conn classical models, one for $60 and the other for $100, and this is probably one of those. Don't recall the model numbers though.
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                    thanks for all the info guys! I like this guitar more each time I play it.
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