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    My friend was just given a Bently flat top Acoustic guitar. Its model number is 5104A and the serial number on the guitar is #95011000006. Can anyone give me any more info on this guitar? I'll upload a picture when I can.
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      I think they were distributed by the St. Louis Music Company, late 80's, early 90's. Rather poor quality and no real value in them. Probably $100 bucks brand new. That one actually looks like it might be in relatively good shape.

      Looks like it's been in a dust storm.

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        What RT1 says is correct. That particular model was produced by the St. Louis Music Company from 1995 to 1997:

        http://www.usedprice.com/dropdown.php?pn=&ob=model&item_id=158848&catname=m usical_instrument&mfrid=3674&typeid=149&query=

        Unfortunately, I don't have an account with the site, so I can't tell ya how much it's worth. Not much would be my best guess, but if it sounds good and plays good, who gives a hoot about how much it's worth?
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          Thank you guys I appreciate it.
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            Pretty cool. My first guitar was a 3/4 size "student model" Bently that I got as a gift when I was 6 years old. I still have that little guitar. When college came around (many years ago), I decided to upgrade and found another Bently, an AC/EL with a cutaway...which I also still have. Neither one of those guitars are particularly noteworthy for their sound, playability, or value, but mine mean a lot to me for sentimental reasons.

            I think the Bently guitar brand turned into the "Austin" guitar brand somewhere around 2000.
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