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RGD: 1968 Martin D12-35


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  • RGD: 1968 Martin D12-35

    My '68 D12-35 came back from Martin yesterday, and I haven't been able to put it down.

    They did an absolutely spectacular job! Neck reset, compression fretting, repaired cracked fretboard, new bridge and bridge plate, bone saddle, repaired loose endpiece, new pickguard, finish work was done around the endpiece, bridge and pickguard.

    It's like new, and it plays like a dream now. Intonation is dead nuts. A straightedge on the neck now lands at the top of the bridge. Neck relief was about half an inch before, with a feeler gauge now it's 0.005 (non-adjustable TR). Action: E - 2.75mm e- 2.0mm @12th. Kudos to Martin Repair Department. You guys are great!


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    OMFG that is simply stunning! I am incredibly jealous.

    (Tubefox) I can't decide if I like it. I mean, I'm a fan of obscenely pointy guitars but...It looks like a cross between a flying V, a horseshoe, a viking axe, and an anorexic teenage girl.

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      That's an ugly guitar. Give it here.
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          Tom, that's probably the most beautiful restoration I've ever seen. Truly a genuine bonafide heirloom piece. I know you spent a ton of money having the work done, but I'm also sure it was worth every penny of it. Here's hoping you play it in good health for many years to come........and kudos to C. F. Martin and Company too.
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            Absolutely beautiful. I can only imagine!


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              I think Sangemon is happy today.....more so than yesterday.

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                Awesome! I honestly can't see where it was refinished, which is the point, of course. Happy Newly Restored Guitar Day. May you play it in good health.
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                  Lovely! I want to see a video of you putting on new strings.
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                    (His name is Mel Bay. Quit PMing me!)

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                      So then you're done with the HD-35?
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                        Awesome! I honestly can't see where it was refinished, which is the point, of course. Happy Newly Restored Guitar Day. May you play it in good health.

                        Thanks. I had it out in the sunshine today to get a good look at it and it looks like they refinished the entire body. There were only a couple of small dings in the top that were not through the original finish, and one semi-noticeable scratch in the finish on the treble side. It's all buffed out now. They did a beautiful job.


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                          That's an ugly guitar. Give it here.

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                            That is one fine guitar. How long did it take to get the work done at Martin? I have seen pictures of several guitars that Martin worked on and they all appear to be very good. Yours looks new. Congrats.



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                              ++1 on the quality of Martin's work and craftsmanship.

                              I sent them my 1970 D12-20 for warrantee repairs - neck set, top split repair (by neck joint), new bridge/saddle, pickguard and new laquer. Took almost 5 months but for just the shipping charges...
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