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Best acoustic-electric for $1500 or under?


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  • Best acoustic-electric for $1500 or under?

    My bud is looking into a new acoustic he used to have a older Tak EG model and liked it. What are his options for a nice mild single cut? Thanks
    Good enough for a poke am I right?

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    Used Taylor 414CE.

    OK, I missed the "new" part.

    Yamaha LLX16. They sell for apprx. $1000 new.


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      There is no such thing as "THE Best". Go play a bunch of the usual candidates (Martin, Taylor, Yamaha, Larrivee, Guild... yada yada) and one of them will speak to you. Buy it.
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        For $1500 range, it's hard to compete with Takamine TAN series.
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          I'm personally a BIG fan of MIJ Takamine acoustic-electrics (as my gear list in my sig may have already given away lol)...

          I would say that the John Jorgenson is a VERY nice acoustic electric, the tone is very smooth, so if thats what you mean by mild, then that should fit right in.... playability and construction are excellent....however, many MIJ Takamines would fit your friends needs...


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            Pro level Tak with the cool tube preamp.
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                Half of a used Huss & Dalton.
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                  Crafter GLXE-3000. No contest.

                  Email these people and ask for a quote:

                  http://gearhounds.com/crafterglxe-3000skgrandauditoriumcutawayacousticelectricguitar .aspx