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    OK all you guitar experts here is one for you. What is known about the guitars built by Paul Graybeal from North Caroline. I own # 54. He has made around 90 since the mid 60's. I spoke with him about a year ago,but his age seemed to be cacthing up with him and apearently he kept no records. Mine is a cross betweem a D-35 and a smaller Gibson done in mahogony--3 piece back with brazilian or walnut center. He used great woods. When I show the local experts no one has heard of him,and the say its the worst looking hand made guitar they ever seen. I must agree,as he used bondo to fill in dime sized holes created by the bending of the sides. But every one agrees it sound FANTASTIC. So loud one lady at my work who was a distance away behind a wall thought it was an electric. My main repair man said he aint heard a guitar this nice in years and it reminded him of a very vintage Gibson sound. DOES ANYONE OUT THERE OWN ONE OF THESE GRAYBEALS? What is your opinion? What can you share about these or the builder. I cant play mine at home when my wife is around because it is so LOUD--I would guess at least 50% louder than my Gibson AJ, which everyone describes as powerful, thanks RSVP

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    Now that you've teased us 'til we're wet, how about some pictures?

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      I agree. Need some pics here.


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        sorry guys i do not do pics. if it aint got strings i got no use for it. this graygeal guitar fits well in a case for a Guild G-22??? google has some info on paul graybeal and thats all i know. he started building in the 60's by reverse enginering an old Gibson. mine has scalloped bracing. a local luthier pointed out that the bass side cracked while being built. Paul had no recoglection of this guitar until I mentioned that fact to him. His reply was "Oh that one". He simply sanded over the break and placed an extra brace on that spot.


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          I have # 69. Iwonder how many are out there.


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            Re MickeyJM

            My doesn't have a flaw. No patches or blemishes. Herringbone trim, with his initial on the head. I actually play it more than my 1952 D-18.


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              I remember seeing David Holt interview Paul Graybeal for his PBS show, Folkways, a while back. Maybe David Holt would know more about his stuff.


              I also found this, which you may already know.

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                I listened to about 2,000 guitars over a two year period when I first saw Paul Graybeal at the Raleigh fairgrounds in North Carolina. Even in an open room with dozen of persons speaking, I could hear this instrument was special.

                I have three of them now. But I play a Martin D-41 most of the time.

                I have visited Paul's home, and he showed me his "process". I also had a guitar built by Jim Olson (#2071) www.olsonguitars.com and the difference is striking as Jim is clear and crisp, with a huge investment in production equipment and precision, and Paul is simply making moonshine guitars, that outplay my Martin or other instrument. But there's no logical explanation as to "why".

                My guitars are in North Carolina, near Chapel Hill, and I live in France. Anyone interested in looking these over can see them. I paid Paul about $ 3000 per guitar.