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Tell Me about Yamaha G 55A is it worth consideration?


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  • Tell Me about Yamaha G 55A is it worth consideration?

    Local ad reads

    Yamaha G-55A acoustic classical. I've been playing for 15 years and I love this guitar but I must sell it to help with bills. 18 frets, spruce top. No nicks, fading or warping. The sound is warm, the strings are close to the board, board is wide and easy to handle for beginner or advanced. Includes hard case

    So is this worth taking a look at for an inexpensive classical guitar, or would I be better off saving my money and buying something different? (Normally the asking price is low enough I would have just checked it out and maybe bought it, but things are very tight so I am spending with much more reserve, only on something relatively decent If I spend at all)
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    Hi Tim

    Yammie classicals are usually very good. Nothing fancy but well made and good sounding. I have the G231 which is a great guitar. I think the G55 is a fair bit older but if it's in good condition and is reasonably priced it's well worth considering. I love playing nylon strings - I think every guitarist should have a classical.


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      Tim, I have that model (an old one, built at Nippon Gakki). It's rock-solid, nice wide neck, and sounds great, but the tuners on mine could be better. You didn't say how much they were asking, but if it's in the area of $90 or less, I'd say go for it.