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  • NGD

    Well new to me anyway. Could not resist the wood.

    Late 70's early 80's FG350.

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    Nice, but the pickguard.
    May you play it long in good health.


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      I think it's sharp. Pickguard and all.
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        I think it's sharp. Pickguard and all.

        Yeah, I like the pickguard as well.
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          Congrats! I used the same guitar from 1984 until 2002 when I finally traded it in for something newer. I've come to regret it ever since. It was one of the best playing guitars I ever owned.

          Happy New (old) Guitar Day!
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            Nice!!! I love those big ole pickguards.
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            <div class="message">if i was in the jungle and got stuck in quicksand... and someone reached out to me with that guitar and said &quot;here, grab hold of this and i'll pull you out&quot;... i'd try and remember the good times when the grainy goo filled my ears and nostrils</div>

            </div> </div>


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              Strangely enough I have 2 others (412SB and 295S) with the same design on the pickguard but are silkscreened This one is etched in and much thicker. Doesn't seem to hurt the tone.


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                Very nice. Congratulations and Happy New (Old) Guitar Day. How's the neck angle?
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                  Very nice. Congratulations and Happy New (Old) Guitar Day. How's the neck angle?

                  It's fine . Very easy to play. I've bought several old Yams sight unseen and all have been OK. Maybe the neck angle legend is perpetrated by Yamaha fans who want to scare others away.


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                      Wow...that wood does look lovely! Gratz!
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                        Beautiful guitar! Lots of character.
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                          Nice. Congratulations.


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                            From the Yamaha archive (FWIW):

                            Model: FG350
                            Year(s) Sold: 1969-72
                            Top: Spruce
                            Back / Sides: Coral Rosewood
                            Neck: Mahogany
                            Fingerboard: Rosewood
                            Bridge: Rosewood
                            Color(s): Natural
                            Notes: No MSRP/No US distribution

                            Not sure how it applies in this case, however, as your guitar clearly dates from the late 70s - mid 80s.

                            Looks great, though. Enjoy it!