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  • Great dilemma, please help

    Hello to everyone. I have a great dilemma whitch guitar to buy. After a long time, i decided to buy an electroacoustic guitar. I have a two favorites, actually three, but two of them are very similar. Wasburn wd10sce, wasburn wd7sce(very small difference in price between these 2), and finaly Cort AD880CE. Can enyone help, here? Thanks....

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    Flip a coin. There's probably little difference among them. All three are made by Cort anyway. I've never played a guitar with catalpa back and sides like the WD7SCE but since all three have laminated backs and sides, I'm not sure there woud be an appreciable difference. The WD10SCE's Fishman electronics won't necessarilly be superior to the WD7SCE's Washburn electronics or theAD880CE's Cort electronics. That said, personally, I'd say "none of the above." $250 is very cheap for a decent acoustic/electric. If I were you, which of course I'm not, I'd find a good used straight acoustic and have electronics installed. If you must have built-in electronics, a used Takamine would be a good bet. If you're someplace where CraigsList is an option, try that. Hope this helps.
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      thanks Deep end


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        Or even....if you don't absolutely need a 'new' around for a used one.....there are some fantastic offers around if you are patient!

        On the other hand, if you're already played the guitars you mentioned and really like them, then just go for the one that sounds/feels right to you.

        Good luck, and remember...buying a guitar is great fun.........stretch out the pleasure by taking your time and playing all sorts of guitars.
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