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NGD With Blemish on Top....Send it back?


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  • NGD With Blemish on Top....Send it back?

    I just received a Voyage Air Dread and I am very impressed overall. Sounds great, setup is great, action is Fantastic!
    But....there is a pretty ugly light spot on the top. It isn't damage per se, since it's under the finish but it looks like an area that was scuffed somehow. It's about an inch long and about a quarter inch wide. Just enough to catch my eye as I'm playing it?

    Should I try to send it back or am I being too OCD? Would I even be justified in sending it back. I dunno, when the wood is this blemished isn't it usually a B stock guitar and should be sold as such?

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    If it's a new guitar, not B-stock or sumthin, I personally would return it. Setups can make almost every guitar playable, sound within a product should be the same'ish and if it bugs you, you won't be able to ignore it anyhow.


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      Is that the one where the neck folds down for traveling?
      God(s) bless the rest of the world(s), too


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        Yup...that's it!


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          Send it back. The spot will always bug you.


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            I have the same type of mark (under the finish) on my Taylor DN3 that I didn't notice until I got it home, however I bought a display model that was drastically reduced ... therefore no exchange option. I kept it since it was such a great deal.

            I just recently purchased a 46" LCD TV, unboxed it, hooked it up, and when autoprogramming the channels ... noticed a 2" scratch. When watching a TV show it was unnoticeable ... but I knew it was there! Uninstalled it, put it back in the box, loaded it back into my hatchback, drove back to the store for an exchange in the rain. I knew it would drive me crazy knowing it was there.

            Send the dread back for an exchange!
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              "NGD With Blemish on Top"

              Why does this title remind me of this?