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Do you use a sign w/ your tip jar?


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  • Do you use a sign w/ your tip jar?

    Of all the signs I've used, this one has done the best, even in places that ordinarily tip poorly:

    God(s) bless the rest of the world(s), too

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    I'm gonna adopt that one next time I play a gig where I have a tip jar.
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      I never played for money, Terry. In the places I played, the free beer and "gemuetlichkeit" was "pay" enough for me.
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        Mine says "Pension Supplement"


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          mine says 'large denominations of american currency will get YOUR song played first'.
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            I'm a big fan of small dry erase boards.


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              I can appreciate the sign it shows a sense of humor so IMHO that's cool. Personally I would put down a sign that simply says "Thank You"
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                I'm impressed that your sign, Terry, is on a piece of wood.
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                  Only see a red x. What does the sign say..?

                  I used to use the old "I am blind and my dog is dead" sign.


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                    I usually will put

                    "I'm playing for free tonight. I gotta eat, so please support me and throw in your loose change!"

                    It depends on the place but I generally will get anywhere between $4 and $30.
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                      Do your big arena gigs have tip jars as well?
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                        Only see a red x. What does the sign say..?.

                        Ditto - no sign.


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                          Our sign asks for donations for the bass players heart transplant.
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                            Ditto - no sign.

                            It says "Tips: Just a nice way to say "thanks" for NEVER playing Justin Bieber"

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                              Ours says, "Show us your TIPS", but it's a relic from one member's previous (and more bawdy) band. I'm on the lookout for an old brass spitoon, and hoping to come up with some clever way to play up the fact that "tips" is "spit" backwards.
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