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    New Broken Doubleneck Guitar Day...

    Yeah, there was a cheap option to get a doubleneck. I always wanted an Ovation 12/6 doubleneck, but could not find one - nor could I ever play one.
    So, whadayado?
    I went for it. Unfortunately, there was minimum transport damage. Not much, a bent and broken tuner and a loose brace. Nothing big, I have a fitting tuner (or, rather 6 of tem) and the brace can be glued back in place with a bit of glue and a deep throat clamp. No biggie and not worth the effort of sending it back.

    So, before I shell out massive amonts of $$$ for an Ovation, I try my hand on this one and if it suits me, it'll go on to Fleabay here and I will replace it with said Ovation.

    If it doesn't suit me, it'll go on Fleabay, too. Probably I would not make a loss and I can try to feed the inner Richie Sambora in all of us (or at least in me).

    Oh .. pics or it didn't happen?


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    Looks like a tied mating to me!

    Wonder what the git pups will look like?
    Please give me talent and patience - lots and soon.

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      Put up a sound clip when you can...oh, and:

      God(s) bless the rest of the world(s), too