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Just passed up a chance to go to Elderly...


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  • Just passed up a chance to go to Elderly...

    My bass player asked the group to drive to Lansing to rehearse at his sister's house--his dad just had a stroke or something and was staying with them, and he couldn't believe that his son was playing in a country band and wanted to see it. Elderly was 3 miles or so away, and I was planning on going, but my musical wishlist at the moment is, a) EQ pedal, which I'm already borrowing from my steel player, b) cases for my guitar and uke, and c) a setup for my guitar (first time I've ever had a setup). None of those are very exciting, but they're all long overdue, and I know that if I went to Elderly I'd come home with a banjolele or some such bull****************. Just bemoaning my maturity here. I'll be glad I skipped it soon, but I'm stewing at the moment.
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    I'm of two minds about this. You deserve props for your self-restraint and discipline, but it won't be coming from me. ;-)


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      wha . . . ?

      just don't bring your wallet in the store

      seriously; you can spend 3 hours in the store & no salesperson will pressure you in any way. They might ask you if you're looking for something in particular - just say, "no thanks, I'm cool" to make that person go away

      they really don't mind if you walk out with nothing new in your hands there - Stan(the boss) knows in his heart that you'll be back when you really want(& are able) to buy something

      re: setups - I've made an appointment with Steve to drop-off at 100 & picked-up a perfect guitar at 30 in the afternoon. The best $75 value you can buy
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        You should have gone ... I was in mich several weeks ago and the free time I had was on Sunday ... they were closed
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