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  • FS: Carlos Model 249 Acoustic

    Hey fellow Harmony Central users. I came across this website while looking for information on this guitar I've had in the closet for quite a while. Came into some recent money troubles and am looking to sell it.

    My dad got this guitar back in the early 80's from a buddy in Arizona and he just kept it in the case for years in the closet. I picked up guitar about 11 years ago and found it in the closet and used it for a while but electric guitar is really much more my thing. It was crafted in 1981, plays great, and there are only 2 minor cosmetic flaws on it. On the back side is a small dot it may even be able to be cleaned off, and there is a small indentation just below the pickguard almost like a surface crack or something, it's very small and is only noticeable if light shines off it in a certain way. I have it posted on craigslist as well in the San Francisco Bay Area and I am going to use the same pictures i put up on there to save me some time right now but if you are interested let me know and I can get some higher quality pictures.

    I was hoping for $200 but I will take the best offer. Just reply here or send me a PM. I know this is my first post and some people may be cautious about that but I promise I am legitimate and you will see me around the forums more often. I stumbled onto here while searching information about this guitar before i sold it and stumbled upon here.