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gibson songwriter deluxe @ 1200


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  • gibson songwriter deluxe @ 1200

    So I found a songwriter for US $1200 at a local shop. that seems to be a quite a steal, isn't it? It had electronics built in but no tuner/controls (only one volume switch on the inside).

    I am big fan of Gibson. I went to the shop to check out Taylor 4 or 5 series and came across this used gibson. What's weird is after plying some Taylors today I actually liked the sound of a 516CE much better than the Gibson. I felt the Taylor had a much deeper sound & sustain.

    Could it just be a matter of strings & setting (given the particular gibson was a used one)? Is $1200 a really good price that I shouldn't think much I.e. if I don't like it I can sell it again.

    My other optin is a Taylor 514 or 414

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    Is it a Studio deluxe?

    Someone offered one for my Gibson es 137 Classic.

    I don't know for sure. The scale is bigger, which usually turns me off. I find them very attractive though. Maybe too attractive to play full on.

    The sound samples on the net are very tempting, pretty balanced.

    I'll follow the opinions over here.
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      Rumor has it there are a few good Gibsons out there. Evidently (from reading your post) this is not one of them.