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Jazz Legend, Dave Brubeck, Dead At 91......


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  • Jazz Legend, Dave Brubeck, Dead At 91......

    ....can't honestly say I was ever "into" jazz, but this guy's recording of Take Five was always one of my favorites. Died 12-5-12 at age 91. RIP, Dave Brubeck.

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    Post this on my channel early this morning.

    RIP Mr. Brubeck

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    My goal was/is to be "Campfire Good".

    What's "campfire good"? I've been around some campfires where the players were pretty good.

    So if that is "campfire good"...and that is my goal...Then I guess I'll stick to "candle good" until I improve...


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      Sad. He did so much to popularize jazz.


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        Always one of my favorites, he put the "cool" on Cool Jazz. RIP.
        God(s) bless the rest of the world(s), too


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          I have always felt very thankful for having a chance of meeting him. In the mod 90s I worked with one of my friends to put together a concert at UC Riverside. Both Dave and his wife (who always came to his concerts), were just the nicest people you could imagine. Even back then he was so frail, and you almost thought that he would just collapse at any minute! It was a wonderful afternoon concert even if he didn't play Take 5, but he did play Blue Rondo, another favorite of mine. RIP Dave, thanks for the tunes!

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            I have a very worn out copy of Time Out in vinyl - Brubeck and Paul Desmond (along with Henry Mancini) were listened to a lot in my college days. For a wonderful acoustic guitar version of Take Five, google our Eric Skye and listen/watch him play it.


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              "In 1951 Brubeck damaged his spinal cord and several vertebrae, while diving in the surf in Hawaii. He would later remark that the paramedics who attended had described him as a "DOA" (dead on arrival). Brubeck recovered after a few months, but suffered with residual nerve pain in his hands for years after.

              The story goes that his style (polyrhythms, block chords) developed because Dave had lost some of his finger dexterity, so he was compensating.

              Great job. Great player. Great musician.
              panta rhei