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  • Darkside question

    I recently purchased the family Kay archtop (maybe a '53 or 56, depending on how I look at internet pix) that I wrote about on the melody vine site, as you may have read, and today got a little something extra in the pay envelope.

    So now I am thinking I can go look for an amp.

    I think I want tubes.

    I think I want vintage, but am not sure.

    Help me out. I don't know a damned thing about this subject, except that the tiny crate practice amp I once had was nothing special.


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    Look into the low-wattage amps a lot of the big companies are making how. They're only 5-10 W, a lot of them have tubes, and most of them have a vintage look. They're quiet enough that you can crank them up to natural dirt territory, and apparently they're high quality--I've seen a couple of touring acts micing them up on stage.
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