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    I've been gigging on a Martin 000-15m for the past year or so. I absolutly love the guitar. I really like the way it sounds. (I mostly play it loud, through an amp and di out to FOH) and I really like the look of it.

    When I switched from gigging on electric to acoustic, this is the 1st guitar I used, for full nights on acoustic. Now that I'm pretty much used to using an acoustic all night, I have learned that I'm more comfortable on a 1-3/4 nut, with a 2-5/16 bridge, and a 25.5 scale (I don't use a pick)

    What is a similar guitar? I would love to look at a Collings OM-1mh, but 3500-4000 would be hard. 1000-2500 would be more in line for me. Then I have to electrify it.

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    Both Santa Cruz and Huss and Dalton make small bodied all mahogany guitars (see the latest issue of Acoustic Guitar mag for a review of the H&D "Crossroads") but they are like the Collings in price (isn't it ironic that back in the '30's all hog guitars like the 00-17 were budget models - now that everyone is jumping on the band wagon they are priced way up there). Guild has some all mahogany guitars but they are larger bodies and I think there are a couple coming in from Asia (Recording King maybe?).

    I played one of the small bodied SCGC mahogany guitars at a music store in Portland a while back - it was by far the finest guitar in the shop. I couldn't afford that one (altho it was darn tempting) so I'm going to do the next best thing and build my own this winter. Got the wood, just hasn't come up on my priority list yet.


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      Here ya go right here. Scroll down the page a bit and you'll see the Martin OM-15 with 1
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        Recording King, Blueridge and Yamaha come to mind.

        I have a Silver Creek T-160 I picked up real cheap. All solid woods - spruce top mahogany sides/back/neck - knock-off of a Martin 000 I believe. Love the size, tone and neck. Now discontinued IIRC but can probably be found used cheap.


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          Quote Originally Posted by Opa John
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          Here ya go right here. Scroll down the page a bit and you'll see the Martin OM-15 with 1


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            Oh...I'm jumping on the band wagon? snif,snif. I've only seen one other guy in my circut playing a hog. it's a 50's martin 00. (he uses it as a spare to his D-45) I thought the band wagon was rosewood sides and back, spruce top?

            I have never taken a loan for a guitar, but that Collings OM-1mh sure looks nice. I would also like to see a C-10 with a hog top. I'll take a look at the Huss and Dalton.

            Theres a luthier in Williamsburg, that says he'll build me one for 2000, and I met Mr Merril at one of my performances. He was trying to talk me into one of his hogs. That was out of my buget.