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NGD: Sigma 000M-15S or 2 broken New Years Resolutions


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  • NGD: Sigma 000M-15S or 2 broken New Years Resolutions

    Returned to store.
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    This came today. I wanted to try a 12 fretter without paying a fortune. It sounds quite nice and plays ok, especially since it has cheapo strings on it that feel like an egg-slicer. It needs a fret-level/polish, nut needs adjustment, and the saddle needs lowering. The neck is pretty comfortable for 46 mm. It is heavier than I thought it would be, which might be the deal breaker, I'll have to think about it. The 12 fretter is very comfortable to play on the couch, sitting, etc. The neck is more proximal to my body, which is nice. Anyways...... I'd recommend Sigmas for anyone who wants something 'like' a Martin, but don't want to shell out the dinerii for one. The equivalent Martin costs a lot more!

    Does Sigma make a spruce-topped version?
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      Nice. What are the woods? All solids? How wide at the nut?