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Crossing the Time Line on new years eve

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  • Crossing the Time Line on new years eve

    I crossed the timeline from cst to est at 115 pm in 2012, new year's eve. Came out the other side and it was 125 am 2013.

    I've lost an hour's worth of 2012 and I can't get it back.
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    A few years ago going back-and-forth to Malaysia from the US I completely missed December 16 going over but had two Christmas Days on the return.
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      Keep traveling West and you can make it up.
      If you find your self alone riding in green fields with the sun in your face... do not be troubled, for you are in Elysium. And you are already dead! Brothers... what we do in life... echoes in eternity! (Gladiator)


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        I do that every night. Some call it sleep, some call it rest, I call it time I could have entertained. I've traveled back from tomorrow and returned only to receive different news. I've known time to let a day twice raise and set the sun yet the rooster crowed only once. My time could willfully change the night sky but, despite the glorious display by St Elmo, I'd remain unchanged. Anyway, keep your time amused before she leaves you for a better master and, most importantly, never travel without a nice loaf of banana bread.
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          I ate some mint chocolate chip ice cream tonight that tasted like Crest toothpaste.
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            Quote Originally Posted by knockwood
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            I ate some mint chocolate chip ice cream tonight that tasted like Crest toothpaste.

            They're one in the same. Packaging conspiracy. No big deal. At least now you know spitting is a gross waste of money. You're welcome.
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