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NGD Yamaha FGX730SC Brown Sunburst

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  • NGD Yamaha FGX730SC Brown Sunburst


    Well here she is. It is a very nice looking instrument and I hope to have lots of fun with it. Being so new to learning how to play I am stopping here with trying to figure out what guitar sounds and played better then the next. I think I will learn how to play first then learn what guitar is better then the next LOL.

    Sense I have not had a acoustic Guitar to play for over 2 weeks I have been practicing on a electric guitar and amp. I have to say it is really nice to just hear the natural sound of a un-amplified guitar. But I do wish this acoustics guitar put out a little more sound or is that because I have been playing throw a amp for the last 2 weeks? 

    Anyway I find this guitar very easy to play and chords sound very sweet to me. No buzz and no ghost sounds for any other strings as in the last Yamaha FGX700SC I first tried. Well here are some pics. Please comment away


    FGX700SC  FGX730SC 2  FGX730SC 3  FGX730SC 4

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    • OldTwelver
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      Happy NGD !!!!

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    Sweet. Digging the burst, usually I don't on acoustics but that looks pretty cool.

    Live the happy life of the goat and all that! (For some reason I'm having a bit of trouble uploading a pic of an actual goat haha)

    I should be practicing.


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      good looking guitar

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      • rickjes
        rickjes commented
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        love the look...decent sounding guitars...also !

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      Real nice ... congratulations!

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      • Another Lost Soul
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        Sweet. Congratulations and Happy New Gutiar Day.

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      hubba - hubba
      that's a beautuful yamaha !
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