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Too bad about the missing VOM

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  • Too bad about the missing VOM

    Yeah, we knew that was coming (or er... going) but anyway, that was a great VOM you guys. Opa won, of course, but there were some quality posts in there. .

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    Thanks James. I don't know that I agree with you about the "winning" part, but thanks for the compliment anyway. Much appreciated.

    Three Dreads......2 Martins and 1 YamahaA fiddle, a mando, a uke, eight harmonicas, a Zoom H2, a Panasonic recorder, coupla penny whistles, an Italian made Titano accordion, three handguns, at least a dozen chess sets, more power tools than Bob Vila, and one old Westclox "Big Ben" wind-up alarm clock that still works! Oh, BTW, I forgot to mention my ocarina and maracas.


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      Just kidding mostly, O, but your's was aces. OTOH, Mel, srsly, that was the worst version of House of the Rising Sun evar!