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  • G'Day from Canada

    I've been lurking on HC for years, using it as a reference whenever something acoustically interesting comes around, and I figured that it was about time I joined in the fun. I'm another (cranky?) old fart who has been pretending that I can play for the last 40 years, and managing to fool some people, but not my wife! I've got a variety of acoustics that include a 78 Fender F65, a 71 Harmony 1233 12 string (neck is still straight as a die) , and a 80 or 81 Japanese Sigma DM-5. Those are the mainstays. The Fender I bought new, the others were basket cases that I resurrected. (my hobby is healing sick guitars). Most recent "permanent" adoption is a 2005 Norman B-20 - now that is a surprisingly decent guitar!

    I look forward to refering to your collective knowledge as I continue buying, healing, and finding new homes for abused and unloved instruments. And I hope I can contibute as well.


    Thanks for having me - I hope the reviews get back on line SOON!



    2005 Norman B20 / 1980 Sigma DM-5 / 1978 Fender F-65 / 1971 Harmony 1233 / Nashville mandolin / and a host of others coming and going...

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    Welcome to the "club" Derrick. Nice to have some new faces around here. Especially since it looks like a few of the "old" faces are saying they're dropping out.

    I used to have one of those Fender F-65s. Mine was one of the last ones made. It was an '81 that I bought in early '82. For an all laminated dread it was a good guitar. In fact, it was my "only" guitar until about 4 years ago. I still had it up until a year ago when a friend of mine talked me into selling it to him. It was still in almost new condition when I sold it, but it was time to let it go. The guy I sold it to still has it and likes it.

    Hope you stick around and hope you have a lot of fun. If you have a way of recording your music, check out our monthly VOM1T (virtual open mike, one take) on the second weekend of each month. And don't be shy. I'm just an old guitar hack myself, but I still jump into it and enjoy it.


    Three Dreads......2 Martins and 1 YamahaA fiddle, a mando, a uke, eight harmonicas, a Zoom H2, a Panasonic recorder, coupla penny whistles, an Italian made Titano accordion, three handguns, at least a dozen chess sets, more power tools than Bob Vila, and one old Westclox "Big Ben" wind-up alarm clock that still works! Oh, BTW, I forgot to mention my ocarina and maracas.


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      I'm not really noted for being "shy."   ;-P

      That old Fender - that is a love/hate relationship. It has that goofy adjustable saddle that I keep threatening to rip off and replace. If was ever to end up as my main player I would have to do that. It such a good clone of a mid 70's Martin that it even has the intonation problems of that era Martin - (sorry to the Martin snobs, but it's true. Why they couldn't figure out where a saddle goes in the 70's is beyond me...)

      I may post an audio my playing sometime. I call myself a mediocre rhythm player. With a smattering of finger picking. What you

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    Welcome aboard, D!


    • OldTwelver
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      Welcome Derrick !! Some interesting people in here .... Hope you enjoy the banter.



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    Yeah man, Canadians always welcome! And if you record stuff consider participating in the next VOM (Virtual Open Mike)...next one coming up Feb. 9-11.

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    "Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn."
    Charlie Parker