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  • Diastone guitar

    Anybody have any info on diastone guitars...I have a WGT-65 diastone guitar, made in japan. Have any ideas of what its worth, anybody heard of em or have one? I think they were made in the early 70s but not 100% sure.

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    1960's and 1970's Japanese guitars, and ukes.
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      thanks for the reply, just trying to figure out its exact year and worth..


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        I bought a Diastone SF - 118 acoustic on ebay a while back.  It's solid top with a mahogany box.  High quality mij martin copy and very rare.  I bought it for $230.00 and have not regreted once.  Very sweet sounding guitar and my favorite one to play right now.  $200.  for a high quality solid top martin copy is not a bad deal.  They are worth what you can buy or sell them for but I think some don't know what they have with these great guitars.  They are a great find.