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Big Baby Taylor just for beginners?


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  • Big Baby Taylor just for beginners?

    I've been checking out reviews for the Big Baby Taylor, left-handed. Purpose would be a "second guitar" as they say- take with me for band and jam sessions rather than my expensive Gibson J-45. I have a Jumbo Yamaha FG420LA I've been using for that purpose. Is that similar to the Taylor, or would either one blow the other away? I'd like to be able to plug in like I can with the Gibson, too- neither the Yamaha or Big Baby come equipped with electronics. Seems like most of the guitars in between those price ranges don't have quite the bang for the buck. Is the Taylor Big Baby worth it? Or should I save up for a mid-price Martin or one of those new Gibson 518e's- beautiful, but out of my price bracket... (PS. I am not a beginner, either. Would I be frustrated by the Big baby?..)

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    I have played the big baby, and was quite surprised on the big sound from a small scale guitar.  If you are leaning that way, you may want to try out the gs-mini as well.

    Somebody on the forum just purchased a Yamaha FGX730.  I can't remember who ... but with this option you get a great guitar with electronics.

    I myself don't consider electronics and add them later.  I have installed for Prestige 330 pickups from JJB Electronics ($50), and installed them myself.

    Good luck!

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