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Are Venturas good guitars?

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  • Are Venturas good guitars?

    I found a purple acoustic/electric A16 Ventura guitar. Are they any good?

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    Disregard the above broken French plug for Lancel Bags. The only thing worse than spam like that in English, is spam like that in French.

    I've personally never heard of Ventura guitars, but I did a little snooping around to see if I could help you at all and I read a few snippets here and there about Venturas and I haven't heard one person say anything bad about them, other than that they are inexpensive guitars that reflect good value for their cost.Try searching this site by typing in Ventura Guitars (top right of this page) and it will bring up some discussions about them. Also try googling Ventura Guitars. Good luck and let us know how you make out.



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      I've tried both Haven't had much luck finding info on the model I found. I was drawn to it because of the appearance and color. Seems like not many people have heard of them.


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        vicki mcdonald wrote:
        I've tried both Haven't had much luck finding info on the model I found. I was drawn to it because of the appearance and color. Seems like not many people have heard of them.


        I've heard of Ventura (or Ventura Bruno) guitars, though I've never played one.  The ones made in Japan are supposed to be fine guitars, especially the V-25. We're talking about 1970s vintage guitars, however. I don't think they're still made, or if they are, that they have the same rep.  

        I've not heard anything about that particular model number, though, and the fact that it's a purple guitar leads me to believe it's of recent issue.  Here's a bit about the company (this is in response to a query about a V-25):


        Ventura was a brand name used for Japanese guitars imported by the C. Bruno company of New York. It's not clear who the actual Japanese maker was, and different makers may have been used at different times, for different models. However, many clues point to your Ventura, which incidentally is a Martin Copy, having been made by Takamine Guitars, who have since become well known for their quality. Look in the body from the sound hole, and look towards the neck. Is there a "Takamine Guitars" logo branded into the wood?

        There was no known records kept by the successors to C. Bruno, so accurate dating of this guitar is impossible. The closest I can tell you is this was a popular offering in the mid 70's C. Bruno catalogs, so obviously it dates from this time. If you know any of your dad's friends who knew him in the mid 70's, might help you to more closely date the guitar by when he bought it. One theory is that this is the 977th V-25 built in 1973, but there is no official data on serial numbers.

        Ventura/Bruno guitars of this era are not super common. They are increasingly sought after, due to the good quality of the C. Bruno era Ventura's.