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Takamine EG360SC vs ???


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  • Takamine EG360SC vs ???

    Hi guys I've been one to frequent the user review pages and the time when I need it the most it has 'temporarily' disappeared so I am now joining so i can post  

    SO I am looking to make a purchase on an acoustic electric guitar within the week here (budgetting $600) and I have been eyeing the EG360SC for several years now.  But before I place my order, I wanted to see if there were any guitars that were comparable to the Takamine EG360sc in that price range. 



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    The EG360SC looks like a nice guitar but I'd like to ask a few questions first and offer a caveat or two. First, are you sure you need electronics and a cutaway? It might be wiser to buy a straight acoustic and add an aftermarket pickup. Second, setups are more doifficult on a G series Takamine because the pickup and saddle are made in a single piece. Normally, you would lower the action by sanding the bottom of the saddle. You can't do that with a G series Takamine; you have to sand down the top of the saddle, which is more difficult. The same money willl get you, for example, a Blueridge BR-60 and a decent aftermarket pickup or a Yamaha LL6 and a down payment on a decent pickup.

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      DE has good suggestions. I really like Blueridge and some of those intermediate- to high-end Yamahas really sparkle.


      It sounds like you're planning on ordering your Tak online. Have you had a chance to play one? I'd highly recommend heading down to your local guitar store and giving it a go. Then while you're there, you can play other guitars in your price range. Your ears will tell you what's working and what's not, most likely. In this price range you can definitely afford a few basic things like all solid wood construction and good tuning machines, so I think as long as it has those it's worth trying.