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Yamaha replacement bridge?


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  • Yamaha replacement bridge?

    I've lost the bridge to my Yamaha classical that I had taken apart to jerry rig the electronics....what are my options for finding a replacement or one precisely and exactly like it? I think it's an APX-6NA

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    Are you talking about the bridge which is the wood (ebony or rosewood) part or the saddle which is the bone, plastic or possibly ivory insert?   A bridge should be glued on, if you've lost that a good luthier can make you a new one.   If it is the saddle that is much easier - again, any good luthier can make one or you can order one from a number of sources and do the final fit yourself.


    According to Yamaha's site, the APX-6NA came with a bridge mounted piezo pup - not sure why you were trying to change that.



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      DOH...of course, I meant the SADDLE...dunno what I was thinking, NOT the bridge the saddle....I took out a fishman inline preamp that was an aftermarket install someone had put in....It went straight from the jack to the battery and to the pickup bypassing the onboard controls, which I want to be able to use...The under the saddle pickup went with it, so I thought I'd try to rig up a piezo and rewire the control panel part back into it....Thanks for the saddle info, I'll see what I can come up with...