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  • Very happy Newbe

    Well I have had some time to play my new Yamaha FGX730SC and I have to say it is very user friendly. It needs a setup that is for sure but that is included in the price I had paid for the guitar. One of the things I am very happy with is how nice the guitar plays throw my amp. It is very easy to change the sound right at the guitar with out having to move to the amp it self. Don't get me wrong the guitar plays nice un-plugged as well but I was not expecting to be able to do some of the things this guitar can do. 

    I want from paying $299 to $349 and ended up picking this Model for $499, Yes I have to say that after trying some lower end units the is a difference in what you get.

    just my .02

    To add to this post I would also like to put out there that I am all so very happy with my Epiphone Les Paul Jr that came with Rocksmith. For a single pick up guitar it plays very nice for me and the action is set better then the Yamaha right out of the box. I don't know if I just got lucky with this one that came with the game. The sound is not as good as the Yamaha but we are also talking apples and oranges. Bottem line is if you don't have electric guitar and you can get the Rocksmith package like I did for $179 it is a great deal for someone that is beginner like me.

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    I'm not surprised that you like your Yamaha; they have a good reputaion. I'm not familiar with the game you mentioned, but I can't say anything bad about Epiphone - acoustic  or electric. 


    Congrats on your 2 new guitars! I'm sure you're going to enjoy them!



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      Solid Spruce and Rosewood back is extremely popular for a reason, solid classic acoustic guitar specs. Congrats.