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Yairi discovered when was it made ?


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  • Yairi discovered when was it made ?

    Hello All

    Im hubdawg and have had this guitar 20+ years. My wife got it from a friend at
    work. The bridge had broken off and a small crack in the top. I gave it some
    rudimentary repairs and it plays real nice now. The label missing and I really
    had no idea what kind of guitar it was until about three months ago a guy came
    along and said hey that is a Yairi. Still I had no idea what that meant either.
    Anyway here are some pictures of it maybe you guys can help me get some more
    background on it.






    Cheers ! TIA

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    I am mostly interested in maybe the year of manufacture.. so sad the label has long been missing.


    • revans513
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      First welcome to our little corner. We have some amazingly knowledgeable people here, unfortunately, I am not one of them. However, as far as I know. There are 3 Yairi luthiers. Sadao Yairi,  always made his under the name of S. Yairi guitars. Then H. Yairi who is Sasao's son (as I remember). Hiroshi (Ithink is his name) always made his guitars under his fathers watchful eye and there were marked as S. Yairi guitars too. Then there is the top of the Alvarez line by the name of Yairi. I'm sure there is some kind of relationship there, but that part of the story I have no knowledge of. My guess is you have the Alvarez Yairi version, since there is no first initial used. If you look at the forward brace there might be a stamped serial number that you could use to date you guitar.

      Hope this helps you a little.......I'm old and trying to remember that far back gave me a headache....lamo

    • recordingtrack1
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      hubdawg wrote:

      I am mostly interested in maybe the year of manufacture.. so sad the label has long been missing.

      check out this link.  Note that it has several link references you can chase that might help in your search.

      http://<A target="_blank" href="http...ting_y.htm</A>  I hope it helps.

      At this point, I believe one of two issues could be a real possibility.  First of all Sadao Yairi made most of his guitars in Nagoya Japan, of which "Nagoya" is noted on the inside of your instrument.  Not as popular (and collectible) as those made by Kazuo Yairi in Honshu Japan.

      The other possibility, which could be a good thing is that your guitar could be older than you are thinking it is, and several of the older members the Yairi group were making guitars together even as far back as the 1940's and possibly the 1930's.  If you validate your guitar as being one of those, it could be even more valuable.

      Keep in mind these are general observations and may be out in left field some place.


      Good luck, I hope it turns out to be very old and very collectible.