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  • Aspri Acoustic Guitar Reverb

    Anyone remember these?

    It was a spring reverb unit that clipped onto the bridge and tail piece and created reverb without electricity.

    When I googled it just now I saw there were a couple youtube vids.

    Never got to try one but looks like it'd be fun.
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    I've seen those and thought they looked rather interesting, thought I've always wondered how much they dampen the top of the guitar. Never been curious enough about them to track one down.


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      Cool....I want to try one of those.


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        Just found an old HC review for it, all 9s.
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          I have one. I've had it from since they first came out and had kind of forgot about it. They work best on classicals with a straight bridge. I don't care for it much on steel strings. It really doesn't touch the sound board. You first hook it's 6 metal prongs under the strings at the bridge, then adjust it's length and hook the lip over the bottom of the guitar. Stays on with spring tension. You can't adjust the amount of reverb and like I said, sounds crappy on steel strings especially with a compensated saddle but I do like it on classicals if the bridge is straight. My Ovation classical is compensated but I'll put it on occasionally just for grins.
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            Never heard of it, thought it sure sounds interesting. I'll have to keep my eyes open for one on CL. If the price is right, I might just pick one up for kicks.
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              Oh man, I remember those things!
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                Borrowed one, once...Brother Sledgehammer summed it up nicely (better on a nylon string and no way to vary how much reverb you get).

                Don't think they stayed in business very long...
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                  The Al Dimeola Soundpage for this in Guitar Player magazine was cool, but Al could make anything sound cool. I'll check out the videos though.


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                    I had the original version back in the late 80's, and thought it was OK but had a few issues. A new version is now available, and on a chance, I purchased one.

                    I am VERY impressed with the new version; the redesign is highly successful. It sounds great (like a spring "cathedral" reverb, but the spring sound is not overdone; the effect is very smooth).

                    I performed with it at my weekly gig, and got rave review from those that heard it (especially the waitpersons, all of whom are guitarists)... The general opinion was that it not only sound good, but increased the volume (which I find hard to believe, but I sense it also from my players' perspective.)

                    Bottom Line: this is not a toy, and does exactly what it is supposed to do. Check out the videos on their website, they don't lie.....


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                      I checked out the website for the new one and see they plan to release a steel string version, which catches my interest. Just not sure if I want to pay $100 without trying one out first, assuming its priced similar to the nylon string one.

                      One thing I noticed is it says the guy stopped making them for personal reasons, which implies it wasn't financial reasons. I wonder what it could be to make him stop selling a presumably profitable product, but its none of my business if the reason isn't financial.


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                        That's a blast from the past! I remember that they came out and then disappeared. I seem to remember that the reviews weren't very good at the time.


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                          Can you adjust how much of the reverb it gives on the new version?
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                          • ukverb
                            ukverb commented
                            Editing a comment

                            Hi All,

                            going through these threads to let people know the price has dropped and that the unit is now available in UK  & Europe.

                            Unfortunately, you cannot alter the amount of reverb you get. Not a problem if you like reverb like me. But if you want to get back to a closer, flatter sort of sound you can easily take it off.

                            I've had mine on for years!

                            Price drop for US & Canada:


                            Link for UK & Europe:



                            Great price, worth a try. See youtube demoes.