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Feeling Down

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  • Feeling Down

     Need some prayers-mojo-good vibes etc.

    <div class="signaturecontainer">&quot; HAVE FUN, TRY NOT TO HURT ANYONE AND EAT PLENTY OF GREENS&quot;</div>

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    poppytater wrote:

     Need some prayers-mojo-good vibes etc.


    Mojo and good vibes heading your way. But why are you feeling low, old friend?



    • poppytater
      poppytater commented
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      Family-money-health problems. I need courage...I'm all out of it.

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    Mojo sent, Pops. And keep playing that guitar. Guitars are love machines that can turn darkness into light.

    She's the lady of the light
    Yellow incandescent night
    Tiger eyes burning bright
    In the understory
    I can't see the forest
    For the branches and the leaves
    But I believe
    I do believe
    by me:


    "Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn."
    Charlie Parker


    • Freeman_Keller
      Freeman_Keller commented
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      Michael Martin wrote:

      Mojo sent, Pops. And keep playing that guitar. Guitars are love machines that can turn darkness into light.


      Plus one on this - you've got a boat load of friends here whether you realize that or not.

    • jamesp
      jamesp commented
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      I know.  I haven't heard from Precious either.  

      I usually find consolation in knowing that things could get worse.    This is always a slow time of year for the BotB, PoppyT.  Things will pick up again once people know what their tax bite is, which let's don't go there now.  

      Would a String Swing wall hanger help cheer you up?  I know... probably not, but not even a little bit?   The wife kicked me out of my basement space to make room for more maple and now I've got a couple extra um... not hanging around.  You're welcome to them both if you want 'em.  I'll turn on my PMs.

      Anyway, either way I'm pulling for ya.   

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    Keep a happy thought, Poppy.  Good times just around the corner.


    I know what you mean about health problems.  Sometimes you just have to grab the bull by the balls and hang on.  He'll get tired eventually, and then you can enjoy the steak.


    Prayers and mojo sent.  Keep your chin up.

    <div class="signaturecontainer">Jack<br><br><br><br>196 9 Martin D12-20 12-string<br><br>1984 Martin HD-28</div>


    • DeepEnd
      DeepEnd commented
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      Prayers and mojo sent. Sorry to hear you're going through a rough patch. Keep looking up and let us know if there's anything else we can do.

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    Hang in there Poppy, I was in the same place myself the last month or 2 actually, had another seizure (a bad one) came round with 3 broken ribs, no way of telling the docs how it happened other than, "I had a seizure..." and it was on top of a whole load of other stuff. Recently, something occurred to me, there is something that keeps me going, keeps me getting up in the morning and keeps me on this side of my 16th storey balcony (kidding...kinda...) As others have said, there love here for you and ANYTHING could be round the corner. God bless.

    <div class="signaturecontainer">&quot;If you walk through the streets of life looking behind you, you're gonna bump into ****************&quot;</div>


    • poppytater
      poppytater commented
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      Thanks to all guys.

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    All of the above +1 * 50

    Been there. Carried that.


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    Mojo to the max! Hope the sun comes out for you real soon.


    • EdBega
      EdBega commented
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      Check it out Richie's got a decent voice ...

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    Poppy one of the first things to do, is to get your possitive attitude back. That makes so much difference.

    I live in Ohio, I dont know what part of Ky you live in, but a little road trip might make you feel better. Come on down!!!! or up anyway.

    <div class="signaturecontainer"><br />
    HCGB #271</div>


    • EdBega
      EdBega commented
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      Glad you liked it John. I thought both the Takamine and especially the Ovation sounded awesome. I found that video looking for the SNL spoof of that song but YouTube had to remove most of their stuff. If I find it I'll post it.