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Lavalier or condenser on mic stand?

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  • Lavalier or condenser on mic stand?

    I need to amplify my acoustic (Epi masterbuilt) with an external mic. I don

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    A lavalier is designed to be clipped onto clothing in the vicinity of your head. I don't see it being applicable to micing a guitar.

    Have you considered installing a soundboard transducer, like a K&K?


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      I see sometimes people who attach lavalier on the soundhole of the guitar. I don't want to install endpin jack bacause I amplify my guitar only few time per year...

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    A condenser will be prone to feedback as well.  It will also pick up everything in the general vacinity of the mic ... so get one with a switch.

    I myself think the undersaddle pickups like the K&K, and JJB electronics Prestige 330 is the best option.  I do recommend a preamp with this option.  As far as cutting into your guitar, I recommend going down to sears and getting a reamer ... instead of using a drill.  If you own a Taylor, you don't even have to do this since they make the hole big enough for a jack ... no cutting required.

    JJB Electronics Prestige 330 - $50

    Least expensive (new) acoustic preamp - Fishman GII - $60

    Good luck with whatever option you go with.

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