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Tried the Dean Markley Helix HD strings


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  • Tried the Dean Markley Helix HD strings

    Here's the link:


    They make a lot of claims about the string, which I'll let you read. My opinion of them is they have a bit of a different tone than other 80/20 strings I've tried but not necessarily better. They do have more resonance, volume, and sustain. They didn't really feel any smoother. Too early to tell about string life. I won't be using them again because it seems like I just have to have phosphor bronze. If Dean Markley did come out with a phosphor bronze version of these string I would be interested in trying them.

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    So did you experience "stupendous results"........?


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      So did you experience "stupendous results"........?

      I would say I experienced okay results. Even before I ordered them I felt Dean Markley was really over-hyping the strings.


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        I use 80/20's and I only paid a couple bucks less that for a set of Martin Marquis recently. Seems cheap enough (cheaper than d'Addario Flat Tops) and I'd like to hear "stupendous results" and "more projection and tone".
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          Dean Markley does have a Phos Bronze in Helix. By far the best strings I've ever played. I used Clear Tone prior and Martin. No comparison. Helix blows then away and they last forever. I had a chance to visit their booth at NAMM and one of the guys have me a full demonstration. I understand what they really do now and I'm a believer. I don't think they've been hyped enough.


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            I am a big fan of Dean Markley's Gold/Bronze, but I think they have or are going to stop making them. By far my favorite string. I have been trying strings lately looking for something else and I've found Martin SP's are pretty close. I have my first set on now, I've had them on for about 2 weeks and so far so good. I tried the Helix and didn't really like them. Strings are so personal so ymmv.

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