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Changing in Latitude... or preferences

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  • Changing in Latitude... or preferences

    Well, as you know, I have a half decent stable of acoustics and I love playing them all. But recently, I've noticed (by the amount of dust that gathered up on my D35 for instance) that I'm more and more drawn to smaller bogdied guitars, like my Binh Grand Concert and away from Spruce and more to Hog, Koa and Cedar. Also, I tend to use picks less and less and rely more on my fingers.

    Dreads are not the best guitars for fingerpicking and Spruce is - in my ears - to brash, compared to Hog, Cedar or Koa.

    Still, the GC does lack a bit in the volume department. I don't wat to go Jumbo again, My Binh Koa Jumbo is possibly the nicest guitar in the pack, together with the OM, but it's HUGE. Even bigger than a Dread.

    Now I wonder ... Would a Grand Symphony body do the trick for me? I will order at Binh's again, so it would be basically a Martin Neck married to a Taylor GS body, possibly Cedar topped with Hog back and sides or all-Koa again.

    Any Grand Symphony players out there, who can give their subjective opinion of GS versus GC and Dread body sizes and playability, there is no GS in my neck of the woods available for a test drive.

    Alternatively, I'm looking into a Gordon Giltrap-Style body,but I guess nobody has a Gordon Giltrap Fylde or Vintage GG3000...?


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    Let's face it, you're becoming a guitar slut !! Don't get me wrong, there are lots of us around, so far be it for me to be judgmental." id="smiley" src="" alt=":smiley:" title="Smiley Very Happy" />


    What isn't clear in your question, is what sound you're after? Most GC's I've played were wearing light strings. The few GS's I toyed with were setup with mediums (and darn close to a dread in sound). Tonally very different animals. So, based on the rest of your criteria, I'm guessing the GC is more what you're after ......




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      I am a guitar slut. Surely.
      And I'm cleaning up my stable. The Yammie FG730, the Fender CD140/12, the Rodriguez Caballero C10, the HBJC503CEQ and possibly the Gretsch are bound to be sold. Partly because they now gather more dust than I like and partly to fund new purchases, said new Binh.