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NGD....and a story worth reading.

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  • NGD....and a story worth reading.

    I  really have to tell the story....

    I have been shopping for a J45 for some time, preferably a Vintage instrument.

    I like Sam Ash....they have always been nice to deal with and lots of good info, so I gave them a shot first. 

    That being said, here's ...the short version.

    I ordered a Vintage J45 from their site. When the guitar showed up it wasn't quite what was described.

    I won't go into the details, but what was important is how Sam Ash dealt with the situation.

    Not only did they offer to fix the problem, give me a full refund with no freight charge, but offered to replace the instrument.

    Well being that you don't really just replace a vintage guitar I was leaning towards just the refund and chucking the whole situation up to just a bad experience.

    But I received a phone call, yes a phone call from Mike Rock of Sam Ash...head buyer.

    He asked what he could do to make me happy....No discussion of money, just what would make me happy.

    I told him I really wanted a J45 and preferably a vintage....he suggested I visit my closest Sam Ash and try out a new one...just to see if I'd be I did.

    I tried out more than one...but found one I was quite impressed with...a brand new Standard VintageSB.

    Mike Rock called the manager of the store and told him the guitar was mine.

    I won't go into the plus/minus $$$ part of the deal, but I will say I got the better end of the deal by a long shot.

    Not only was Sam Ash willing to take care of my wants, but also by making me feel I was important to them as a customer...I was totally impressed.

    No, I don't work for Sam Ash, nor do I know anyone there...but I will tell you that they earned all my future business.

    I highly recommend their business ethic and their outstanding customer service...that being said here's what I got....did I mention is has the Baggs system...and the Gold Warranty.


    new j45.jpg

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    Congrats! Gorgeous guitar. Hope it will make you happy for many years.

    I also always like to hear stories about excellent customer service. Most businesses, I think, fail in this regard because they just don't recognize how vital it is - forgetting for a moment that it is also simply the right way to treat people in general. I personally tend to be brand/company loyal on the basis of great customer service, when I encounter it. Have also had many experiences where, similar to yours, a company makes an error but goes so far above and beyond to make things right that the initial mistake can seem like a blessing in the end. Glad it worked out for you.

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      Congrats on a nice guitar! I am glad it worked out well for you.

    • Freeman_Keller
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      What a great story (and a great guitar).  I'd like to think that is how all business would work, but I know it isn't.   I'm not in the market for anything, but I will keep SA in mind if I ever am.

      Now enjoy!

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    Happy NGD, C70 !!!! Gorgeous looking axe !

    Be sure to let us know how she sounds ........



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      Congratulations. Happy New Guitar Day. As others have said, gorgeous guitar and a great story. I work in a service-related occupation and it takes a lot for me to complain about poor service. That said, I haven't bought anything from a local (St. Louis) chain of car dealers since 1985 and I make a point of telling people why.

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    Nice guitar.  The upside of the standard J45 is that it comes with electronics.  I have the TV and it did not ... although I have since added a JJB Prestige 330.  I guess the biggest difference between the two, besides electronics, is the type of spruce used on the top.

    Nice story about Sam Ash.  I will keep that in mind for future purchases.  I have done some big purchases with Sweetwater and have had great experiences with their customer service and price negotiations ... but have never had to send anything back ... so I can't compare to your experience at Sam Ash.

    Enjoy the guitar and let me know what type of strings you settle on ... especially if you use coated strings.  I typically use elixir nanos ... but put EXP16s on my J45.

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      Congrats!!!!! It's nice to hear stories that turn out well. I've had good luck with Sam Ash too, although never had to try out their customer service, like you did. Great looking guitar!!!